Going out of your comfort zone to find a better one abroad

5 min readJun 25, 2021

Are you seeking a different way of living? Then this article is for you!

A successful individual in your ‘old life’ was someone who got promoted a year or two earlier, someone who saved the deposit for their flat or apartment quicker. And If the monotonous routine is getting you down, if you look back at your last five years and think ‘what have I actually done in that time, then it’s time to shake it up. Prepare to reset your success radar. The opportunities that come your way will never cease to amaze you. Now all you have to do is catch the right one and run with it. Create a new lifestyle for yourself.

There’s a new breed of people shaking up the status quo. People who worry less about the time of a meeting, and more about which time zone they’re in, they are a digital nomad. A digital nomad is a person who is not bound by workplace space, dress code, or politics. They can work from anywhere as long as they have access to the internet. There are no set hours, and frequently no supervisor, so you don’t have to call in sick to miss work because you want to go wakeboarding, knowing that you’ll make up for it by working an all-nighter the next day.

Living as a digital nomad sounds exciting, and for the most part, it is. However, in order to experience the thrilling part, you must first leave your comfort zone, where everything is known, solutions are given, and paths are laid out for you. You won’t find many thrills if you stay in your comfort zone; they’ll be discovered somewhere else. To get there, you must first understand what it means to step outside of your comfort zone and into the realm of the magical. In this blog, we’ll offer some of our insights to help you cross that threshold and broaden your comfort zone if you’re pursuing a digital nomad lifestyle or a new way of life in general.

Creating your new normal

Breaking out of your comfort zone isn’t so much about physically fleeing it as it is about expanding it to the point when things that were once terrifying become your new normal. Stretching your muscles is a good analogy. In their natural and relaxed condition, your muscles are extremely rigid. They can go so much further if you start extending them! For example, when you’re eighteen, leaving your parents’ house might seem like a huge move, but within a few months, it’s become your new normal, and you nearly couldn’t fathom living any other way or even considering going back. The same for the digital nomad lifestyle (or any other lifestyle change): you make tiny or large adjustments, and they become your new normal. If you’ve already made those adjustments and faced your concerns, you’ll be able to do so without the same level of anxiety. So start stretching those comfort muscles and creating a new normal in which you can achieve things you never believed possible.

Enjoy the process

Discovering and trying new things, experimenting with alternative ways, or simply jumping in headfirst and unprepared into something new can be really frightening. Usually preoccupied with achieving your goal or crossing the finish line to appreciate the process. However, after a couple of times you will find that the process itself is much more fun when you decide upfront that you are going to enjoy everything that comes your way. Whether it is something you expected or something unexpected, treat them the same way: Thankful for whatever new experience or learning you can get out of it and make it part of your journey to broaden your own comfort zones.

Standing on your own feet

You will see that getting out of your comfort zone is an addictive process. Once you have reached your goal you will find yourself looking for the next experiment. Without realizing, you are standing on your feet, a new comfort zone. You better take advantage of the power and energy that comes with living this lifestyle to attempt new things, to make your trip more valuable, your life more exciting, and the world a better place.

True Freedom

Freedom isn’t qualified by the Mercedes you have parked out front. Imagine living in a tropical place for six months, working on a beach, drinking smoothies for breakfast every day. You would love to learn the Indonesian language in Bali. Fast connections with like-minded people, exciting topics, new projects! That’s true freedom.

Earn your own money

You keep all of your earnings as a digital nomad. Sure, we have expenses just like everyone else, but the rest is entirely up to you. You can grow your little empire whenever you wish, and as the numbers grow, so does your financial account. Making someone else wealthy is not the grand plan… keep that in mind. Being a digital nomad implies that money can be your ally rather than your foe.

Live Your Life

It’s scary to take a chance on anything new. Who knows what the future will bring. Will you be able to sustain yourself financially? Will things in your life improve? It’s impossible to say, but you must let yourself live the life of your dreams. We’re smart, healthy, and energetic. Becoming a digital nomad means you can really live your life. You can volunteer in obscure places, visit the tribes, swim in the ocean, and climb mountains. Life is meant to be lived. Digital nomadism allows you to enjoy your life while still keeping your work on track.

Keep enriching your life and fully enjoy the process!

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